What is water waste?

Water waste is any water, other than natural precipitation, that flows or sprays from a property to the public right-of-way or adjacent property. Landscape irrigation is the most common cause of water waste, but it can also result from air conditioning systems, leaks, car washing, draining pools, and other uses of water. It is also considered water waste to use spray irrigation between 11 a.m. and 7 p.m. from April 1-Oct. 31.

Water waste results in the loss of a valuable natural resource and is detrimental to conservation. It is prohibited for all Water Authority customers and for anyone within the service area (even if they are not using water provided by the utility).

Click here to report water waste or call 842-WATR (9287).


Meter Size Fee Assessment
Observed 1st Violation 2nd 3rd+
<1.5 $0 (warning only) $20 $50 $100
>1.5″ – 4″ $0 (warning only) $100 $250 $500
4″ – 8″ $0 (warning only) $250 $500 $1000

Equipment malfunctions

Water waste violations include waste caused by equipment malfunctions such as broken sprinklers and leaking air conditioners. Customers must contact the Enforcement division within 48 hours to explain how the problem will be resolved. If the problem will take longer than 48 hours to resolve, water must be shut off to the malfunctioning equipment.” Notifications may include a door hanger and an alert flag placed at or near the site of the malfunction. If a malfunction continues after 48 hours a violation will be issued for non-repair.

How much are Water Waste fees?

When assessing fees for violations of §4-1-1 and §4-1-5 of the Water Waste Reduction Ordinance, any previous violation shall not be considered if;

  1. A period of 365 days has elapsed since the violation was incurred; or
  2. The property is acquired by a new owner and provides a recorded document of the sale.