Customized Performance Rebate to improve water use efficiency for commercial, industrial and institutional customers.

The Water Smart CPR incentivizes customized water efficiency projects including but not limited to:

  • Custom design of on-site water reuse projects
  • Replacement of less water efficient equipment with new high efficiency equipment
  • Improving cooling tower water usage operations
  • Comprehensive changes to industrial processes that reduce water consumption per unit of output
  • Improvement to existing irrigation systems

Customized Performance Rebate

5 steps to ‘Water Smart’

STEP 1: Call Conservation Program Manager

We will set you up with a CPR Concierge to evaluate existing water use and review water savings potential.

STEP 2: Develop a CUSTOMIZED application

Your CPR concierge will help you develop your project, calculate water savings figures, and ensure a successful application. The application will include a project narrative, existing conditions photos, estimated project cost, and estimated water savings over a period of 12 months.

STEP 3: Implement project

After your application is approved, you have 6 months to implement your project. Funding will be reserved based on the estimated savings amount. Upon completion of the project, submit original receipts, project completion date, and call for a post-installation inspection within thirty (30) days of completion.

STEP 4: Calculate project PERFORMANCE

The final rebate will be based on water savings calculated at final review one year (12 monthly billing cycles) after the project completion date. Upon verification of savings, a credit will be adjusted to your account(s) within two billing cycles.

STEP 5: Receive

A credit will be adjusted to your account(s) within two billing cycles. You will receive branding as a Water Authority certified “Water Smart” establishment.


Water Conservation Program Manager

Carlos Bustos

Applications must be pre-qualified