Landscaping Project? Select a Water Smart Contractor! 

Landscape companies listed as Water Smart Contractors guarantee their staff is trained in current landscape irrigation best management practices (BMP’s). Landscape irrigation BMPs maintain a healthy, functional landscape without exceeding the water requirements of the plants and avoid water waste. By training the landscape professionals we ensure resilient landscapes for Albuquerque. Landscape irrigation BMPs are based on the following principles:

  1. Design and installation should follow sustainable landscape and efficient irrigation guidelines.
  2. Good horticultural practices and irrigation management are needed to sustain the efficient use of water and the overall health of the landscape.
  3. A thorough maintenance program will extend the useful life of the irrigation system and the landscape.
  4. Changes and modifications to the irrigation system will be necessary as the landscape matures.

Water Smart Contractors are recognized solely for the successful completion of the Water Authority’s Water Smart Academy training courses. The Water Authority does not specifically endorse any contractor. Inclusion in this program is not an endorsement of the performance of any contractor. Customers should use care and discretion when selecting a contractor.

List of Water Smart Contractors.

When hiring a landscape company to design, install or maintain your landscape or irrigation system consider the following:

  • A business license and insurance
  • Past customer’s reference with work samples
  • Access to certified and/ or licensed professionals: Arborist, Irrigation Licenses or Landscape Architect
  • Familiarity with ABCWUA Rebates and Water Waste Ordinance
  • Is the company following Water Smart Contractor BMP’s?
Water Smart Contractors Service Website Phone Number
Yellowstone Landscape Residential and Commercial Yellowstone Landscape 505-991-0904
WaterWise Landscape Residential and Commercial WaterWise Landscape 505-350-2839
Dave’s Grounds Maintenance Residential and Commercial Dave’s Grounds Maintenance 505-265-3729
Green Summit Landscape Management Residential and Commercial Green Summit Landscape Management 505-288-7415
Lannen’s Lawn and Sprinklers Residential and Commercial Lannen’s Lawn and Sprinklers 505-554-9554
NM Nature by Design Residential and Commercial NM Nature by Design 505-507-4561
Pinon Pavestone & Landscapes Residential Pinon Pavestone & Landscapes 505-385-0509