Time-of-day exemptions


If you need to water during restricted times (i.e., between 11 a.m. and 7 p.m. from April 1-Oct. 31) due to any of the reasons listed here you may apply for an exemption. Apply online at the links below or 842-WATR (9287). Apply online using the appropriate Time-of-Day Exemption link below:

  • One day only exemption where treatment with an application of chemical requires immediate watering to preserve the existing landscape or to establish a new landscape.
  • One day only exemption to allow for spray irrigation necessary where the irrigation system has been disabled for longer than forty-eight hours and immediate watering is required to preserve the existing landscape.
  • 30 day exemption allowing for spray irrigation necessary to establish new sod.
  • 45 day exemption to allow for spray irrigation necessary to establish inter-seeded (also known as reseeded) turf within an existing turf area.
  • 120 day variance allowing for spray irrigation to establish newly seeded areas with the intent of establishing a turf area.

Water Waste variances allow customers to avoid being assessed additional water waste fines while they work to correct the problem during a specified period of time.

To request a variance application form, call 842-WATR (9287), or use the online application for a water waste variance.