An Evolving Conservation Program

The Water Authority recently adopted an update to its Water Conservation Plan.

The update sets a new usage goal of 110 gallons per capita per day (GPCD) by 2037. The current GPCD is 126, so a reduction of about 1 gallon per person per day each year is all we need to reach the goal.

This plan aligns with the utility’s long-term water resources management strategy, WATER 2120, in which conservation plays a critical role as we face the uncertainties of climate change and population growth. To achieve the new conservation goal, the Water Authority will emphasize outdoor water savings, where there are many gains yet to be made. Conservation efforts will focus on providing tools for improving irrigation efficiency while maintaining healthy and aesthetically pleasing landscapes.

Conservation Programs

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Water Waste Reduction Ordinance

Effective irrigation season of 2019 the Water Authority implemented the adopted ordinance. The Water Authority amended the ordinance to introduce an approach that focuses less on enforcement and more on education. Under the updated Water Waste Reduction Ordinance all customers will receive at least one warning notice prior to receiving a fine.

The Water Authority will offer customers receiving a warning or violation advisory an opportunity to receive a free irrigation efficiency consultations to help them identify irrigation issues. The ordinance represents the Water Authority effort to move our community toward the goal of irrigation efficiency!