Report Water Waste

Water waste is defined by Water Authority ordinance as any water, other than natural precipitation, that flows or sprays into a public right-of-way, municipal storm drain, or adjacent private property. Spray irrigation between 11 a.m. and 7 p.m. from April 1-Oct. 31 is also considered water waste. All water account holders are required to comply with Water Waste regulations. IF YOU SEE WATER WASTE OCCURRING, PLEASE REPORT IT BY CLICKING HERE AND FILLING OUT THE ONLINE FORM IN AS MUCH DETAIL AS POSSIBLE.

Scan the QR Code to report water waste.

Water Authority personnel will attempt to follow up on your report and work with the property owner to correct the problem. ALL PROPERTY OWNERS RECEIVE AT LEAST ONE WARNING NOTICE AND WILL HAVE AN OPPORTUNITY TO CORRECT THE PROBLEM PRIOR TO RECEIVING A FINE.

Conservation Programs

The Water Authority’s updated Water Conservation Plan sets a long-term usage goal of 110 gallons per capita per day by 2037. Meeting this goal will help ensure a resilient long-term water supply as envisioned in our 100-year resource management strategy, WATER 2120

To promote conservation among its customers, the Water Authority offers a number of assistance programs, publications and rebates. Details can be found on our Rebates page or by calling 505-842-9287 (Option 4). You can also sign up for our monthly landscaping newsletter at, and send landscape and irrigation questions to