Lead Sample Kit Request

In Albuquerque, lead based materials were sometimes used to connect the water mains to the service lines. The Water Authority replaced many of those connections throughout the water system in the 1990’s when the initial Lead and Copper Rule was put into effect.  To be compliant with upcoming federal regulations, the Water Authority is also working to complete an inventory of the material type of all service lines and connectors to ensure any lead that was historically used will be replaced.

Older homes built before 1965 may have plumbing made of lead. Prior to 1986 lead was a primary component in the solder used to join copper pipes. EPA considers these homes to be the highest risk homes for exposure to lead through solder or pipes. If home or business owners are concerned about the presence of lead pipes or solder, the Water Authority can help the customer test for lead.

The Water Authority will deliver a Lead Sample Kit to the customer’s address. To get accurate results, water should be stagnant or not used in the building for 6-18 hours before filling the sample bottle.  Therefore, the customer will fill the sample bottle with tap water before using any water in the morning or after a more than 6-hour period with no use. .  The Water Authority will assist the customer by picking up the sample bottle and sample questionnaire and delivering it to a laboratory to be tested for lead at no expense to the customer. Please complete the form below or call 289-3518 to schedule a sample kit drop off or pickup. Please expect 3-6 weeks to process samples and provide the lab test results. Lab results will be provided to customers by email or mail.   Email waterquality@abcwua.org or call 505-289-3518 with any questions or concerns.  We thank you for your patience.

Por favor, tenga en cuenta: Las pruebas sólo están disponibles para los clientes de la Autoridad del Agua.

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