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A study done in the 1990s concluded that lead pipe was not used in construction of the water system. However, lead bearing materials were sometimes used to connect the water mains to the service lines. We worked to take those connections out of the system at that time.

Prior to 1986 lead was a primary component in the solder used to join copper pipes. EPA considers these homes to be the worst case or highest risk homes for exposure to lead through solder. Older homes built before 1965 may have plumbing made of lead.

A private water service is the portion of the water service pipe running from the private property line into the building. This pipe may be made of or contain lead.

The Water Authority will test your water for lead at no expense. Please complete the form below or call 289-3379 to schedule a sample collection or pickup. Please be aware that due to the high volume of requests, it will take several weeks to process your sample and provide the lab test results.  We thank you for your patience.

Water System Connection to a Residence
Image after Boston, MA, Water and Sewer Commission Lead Replacement Incentive Program Brochure

Please Note: Testing is only available to Water Authority Customers.

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