New Service for Tenants or Owners

The Water Authority is a property-based utility and does not start, stop, or transfer service. We bill the property not the person. The property owner (based on Bernalillo County Clerk records) has the control and responsibility for the water account.

Tenants – [Renting]

If you are renting and need a prorated or final bill, please contact the owner/landlord or property manager. You will also need to contact them if you are not receiving a bill and want it mailed to you. You may set up a draft from your checking or savings account with this link:
I want to set up bank draft.

Property Owners – [Buying/Selling Personal Property]

A final bill for a sold property should be prorated and paid through a title company or negotiated between yourself and the buyer.

As the property owner of record you may request to:

  • Add or Change mailing addresses
  • Enroll in Budget Billing
  • Remove an account from online payment site profile
  • Place or Remove a meter

Property Managers – [Manages Property on behalf of Owner]

With the property owner’s permission you may Add or Change mailing addresses: please call (505) 842-9287, option 0.

Title Companies – [See Property Payoff]

Please email bill and financial history requests to:

Please click on this link to see how to request an accurate payoff balance for closing: Request a Title Company Payoff