Attention Title Companies:

Your cooperation is requested to limit payoff requests to:

  • Send email to:
  • One service address per email
  • Include the service address in the subject line of the email

Please advise our mutual customers to contact 842-9287, option 0 to:

  • Cancel Auto Pay or Budget Billing on the property being sold
  • Add/or change any other billing information

Liens filing fees charged by Bernalillo County are $25 to file and $25 to release

Please provide copy of lien for any pre-July 2010 lien release requests

If you have any other issues that are not related to a title request please contact us at 842-9287, option 0.

Please send payment to: ABCWUA, P.O. Box 568, Albuquerque, NM, 87103-0568