Here is a list of additional websites you can visit to find information and science activities for educators and kids of all ages!

Best Degree Programs – A Student’s Guide to Conservation and Environmental Science

STEM Resources – from NM Mesa

Activities for kids from Explora children’s museum

Math activities from Explora

Resources from the BEMP program

Nature Lessons for teachers – from Valencia Soil and Water District

USGS Water Science School

Water related games and resources for educators from the EPA

Calculate your water use here

Ways for kids to conserve water at home

ACE’s digital climate education resource, Our Climate Our Future, a collection of videos, lesson plans and activities about climate science, impacts and solutions

Ideas for how to implement STEM activities during the COVID – 19 pandemic

Nature Matters with Dr. Jenny – Lesson plans to engage students with the natural world

Activities available at Nature Ninos from the New Mexico Wildlife Federation

Activities and resources for teachers and students on Arizona’s Water use It Wisely website

Calculate your water footprint

Find many videos, activities, and other tools to engage students on topics related to animals and the environment at

Kids Academy (YouTube Channel) – has TONS of videos for kids that include recycling, water conservation, and science experiments. (Free until June) – This WONDERFUL website has TONS of awesome, step-by-step videos and experiments to do with everything, including water. has lots of fun little games for kids to play  This is a great website. Has live in-domain video feeds of different animals, gives lessons, and provides activities and games.

Students, ages 8-12, can learn about interesting careers in STEAM – includes interviews of diverse scientists, professional and amateur

In addition to these free websites, there are a variety of wonderful apps which kids can download and use on their computers or phones, including:

Waterlogged, Water Reminder: helpful Apps that track water consumption and other drinks and their water content.
Sprinkle Islands: Game with premise that helps put out garbage fires from a littered Earth.
WaterWiz: More adult-friendly, but helps families track water usage in their households.
Happy Glass: game that wants player to fill glasses with water using different tools.
Where’s My Water 1 & 2: physics-based game where players have to locate fresh water and help guide the water to characters within the game.
Water Rush: guide water to put out fires, kind of like Angry Birds.
Plant Nanny: Grow and maintain a plant by watering it regularly and watching it ‘grow’. Promotes healthy lifestyle and drinking lots of water.