Videos of Lessons & Puppet Shows

Make Your Own Puppet Using a Pizza Box

Make your own puppet using a pizza box. Watch this video to learn how.

What’s the difference between a lake and a reservoir? A river and a stream?

Find out by watching this video about bodies of water.

Use Less Water

Click Here to Watch as Porky the porcupine teaches us how to use less water every day.

Water Wonderland Puppet Show

Click Here to view the puppet show.

Click here to download our coloring book which accompanies the show.

Virtual Water Guessing Game

How much water does it take to produce an apple? A pair of jeans? Or, a car? Ms. Endion knows! Find out here in this video lesson about virtual water. Then, visit this website to calculate your virtual water footprint:

Leaky Faucet

Ever had a leaky faucet? Have you wondered how much water is wasted? Join Ms. Rhea in this interactive science experiment to calculate how much water one drippy faucet would waste in one year. Click here to begin.