STEP 8 – Hypochlorination and Reuse

Salt Water and Electricity Make a Bleach Disinfectant

Our reclaimed water can be used for many things, but not for drinking. We use it to cool the engines at our Cogen Power Plant. We use it to water plants and trees. We use it for cleaning. Before we can put the reuse water in pipes to pump it to places it can be used, we have to use bleach to protect it in the pipes.

We currently use about 1 million gallons of reclaimed water each day. We are working to increase the amount of water we reuse to 5 million gallons a day. Some of that water can be used for golf courses, playing fields, and for landscaping in new housing developments. To be used this way, the water has to be extra clean so it will go through another filter to make it clean enough for irrigation systems and turf.