STEP 4 – Primary Clarifier

Clarifiers Collect the Sludge

In the clarifiers, we slow the wastewater stream until it is moving a few inches per second. The sludge, made up of food and feces, settles out of the water. When it falls to the bottom of the tank it gets pushed to the center. From there the sludge is pumped to Digesters.

Fats and oils float on top of the water. These are skimmed off and collected by the rotating arm. We should not pour fats and oils down the kitchen sink because they cause clogs in the pipes. Clogs are expensive to break up, and they stop the wastewater from flowing to the plant. If the clog occurs on your property, you will have to get a plumber to break up the clog with a snake. If it happens in the main pipes bringing wastewater to the plant, we break up the clog using cameras to help us find the clog and expensive machinery. Either way, you pay to have the grease removed from the pipes.