STEP 7 – Machines That Clean the Water

Machines Use Electricity to Clean the River Water

We have a lot of machines that clean our river water. Those machines use electricity. Think about it. If you use less water, then we have to clean less water. If we clean less water, then our machines use electricity. It is a double saving. When you use less water, we use less electricity.

  • Turn off the water while you brush your teeth. You will save electricity and water.
  • Take a short shower. You will save electricity and water.

Saving water saves electricity. That is good for our river and good for town.

These are machines that cleaned the water,
that flowed through the Clean Drinking Water Plant,
that ran the pumps,
that filled the pipes,
attached to the faucet,
that filled the cup,
that held the water
that Jack drank.