STEP 3 – The Faucet

Albuquerque Has Lots of Faucets – Indoors and Outdoors

Think of all the faucets in our town. We have faucets in our homes, faucets in our schools, faucets in our hotels, faucets in our hospitals and more. Now add in all the toilets, and showers, and sprinklers. It is mind boggling.

A meter in front of your home measures how much water is used there. In the winter our water use is low. A home uses about 2,000 gallons each month. In the summer we use much more water. We water our yards and gardens. In the summer a home uses about 6,000 gallons each month.

The city uses a lot of water to keep our parks and soccer fields green. We need places where we can picnic or play.

This is the faucet,
that filled the cup,
that held the water
that Jack drank.