Meter readings shall be submitted to Customer Services between the 1st and the 10th day of the calendar month for usage during the previous calendar month.

Failure to report meter readings may result in termination of your permit, and any falsification or attempt to defraud the Water Utility may constitute Water Theft and/or Tampering and may result in criminal charges.

Section 1: Enter the account number, business information and meter number (if you have more than one meter, please submit a separate web form for each meter).
Section 2: Enter the meter reading and the date of the reading.
Section 3: Enter any Fire Hydrant Meter Program related comments in the “Comments” field and complete the spam prevention.

Click the “Send” button when form is completed in order to send the information to the Water Authority Fire Hydrant Meter Program.

Fire Hydrant Meter Reading Form

Meter Reading Information

Meter Use Comments


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