In addition to the satisfaction you’ll get from working for a great organization, as a Water Authority employee you’ll enjoy a competitive salary and benefits package.

Salary Levels

Our salary levels are generally competitive with the private sector, and are adjusted periodically. The majority of Water Authority employees are members of one three bargaining units. The Water Authority pays bi-weekly on Friday; automatic deposit is mandatory.

Health/Dental Insurance

Health, dental and vision insurance are provided. Compared to other utility employers, the Water Authority’s plan is one of most generous and the least costly to employees because the Authority pays 80% of the premium cost. Employees, their qualifying spouse or domestic partner, and qualifying dependents are eligible for insurance coverage.

Retirement Plans

New employees joining the Water Authority elect to participate in one of two retirement plans. The state retirement plan (PERA) is a defined benefit plan that provides retirement income up to 90% of the average of your five highest years’ salary. Retirement under PERA also guarantees you access to the retiree health care plan.

New employees who do not wish to join PERA are eligible to participate in a 401 Defined Contribution Plan, similar to 401(k) plans available in the private sector. Employee contributions are pre-tax, and plan participants are not taxed on employer contributions or upon earnings until funds are withdrawn.

Group Term Life Insurance

Group term life insurance coverage equal to a percentage of your annual salary is provided at no cost to every employee. Employees may elect to purchase additional life insurance at a reasonable cost. Long-term and short-term disability insurance is also available for purchase at competitive rates.

Other Benefits

Other benefits include deferred compensation programs, flex benefit plans, domestic partner benefits, employee assistance programs, career counseling, educational leave and tuition assistance, and training credit achievement.


Employees accrue sick leave at the rate of 3.7 hours biweekly to a maximum of 1,200 hours.

Employees accrue vacation leave every pay period on the following schedule:

Years of Service Bi-Weekly Accrual Accrual Per Year
0-4 years 3.85 hours 100 hours
5-9 years 4.62 hours 120 hours
10-14 years 5.54 hours 144 hours
15+ years 6.16 hours 160 hours

Accrued sick and vacation leave balances may be paid out at the time of retirement.

The Water Authority provides ten days of paid holiday leave annually and a paid day of birthday leave. Other paid leave includes jury duty, bereavement, voting, annual military service and education.