FREEZE WARNING: Prevent Frozen/Burst Pipes During Cold Snaps ---------------------------------------------------------------------- NOV. 18, 2022--Temperatures are now dipping below freezing, which can be a recipe for frozen and [...]

NOTICE–FREEZE WARNING2022-11-22T13:57:04-07:00

NOTICE–Xeriscape Rebates Now $2.00/Square Foot

The Water Authority's xeriscape rebates are now $2.00 per square foot of turf removed for both residential and commercial customers. Desert-friendly landscapes save water, require [...]

NOTICE–Xeriscape Rebates Now $2.00/Square Foot2022-11-18T15:51:48-07:00

NEWS–Utility Reaches 20% Renewable Energy Use

5.5-Acre Solar-Covered Parking Lot Helps Water Authority Achieve 20% Renewables Status APRIL 28, 2021--Just in time for Earth Day, the Water Authority announced last week [...]

NEWS–Utility Reaches 20% Renewable Energy Use2021-05-17T08:57:33-06:00