NOTICE–Holiday Closures

Water Authority offices will be closed for the Christmas holiday on Friday, Dec. 24 and for New Year's on Friday, Dec. 31. For emergencies, [...]

NOTICE–Holiday Closures2021-12-22T10:20:08-07:00


Prep Now for Winter Cold! 11/19/2021 3:48 PM Property Owners Reminded to Prepare for Winter Colder temperatures should serve as a reminder that landscapes need [...]

NOTICE – PREP NOW FOR WINTER COLD2021-11-19T15:51:02-07:00

NOTICE–Flush Water Lines When Re-Opening

JUNE 29, 2021—With the state officially re-opening on July 1 following more than a year of COVID-19 shutdowns and restrictions, owners and caretakers of businesses [...]

NOTICE–Flush Water Lines When Re-Opening2021-06-29T15:03:21-06:00

NOTICE–The Causes of Cloudy Water

Cloudy/Milky Tap Water is Typically No Cause for Alarm With the onset of warm weather, the Water Authority has seen an uptick in customer reports [...]

NOTICE–The Causes of Cloudy Water2021-05-17T08:58:15-06:00

NEWS–Utility Reaches 20% Renewable Energy Use

5.5-Acre Solar-Covered Parking Lot Helps Water Authority Achieve 20% Renewables Status APRIL 28, 2021--Just in time for Earth Day, the Water Authority announced last week [...]

NEWS–Utility Reaches 20% Renewable Energy Use2021-05-17T08:57:33-06:00