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2906, 2021

NOTICE–Flush Water Lines When Re-Opening

JUNE 29, 2021—With the state officially re-opening on July 1 following more than a year of COVID-19 shutdowns and restrictions, owners and caretakers of businesses and other public facilities are reminded to [...]

405, 2021

NOTICE–The Causes of Cloudy Water

Cloudy/Milky Tap Water is Typically No Cause for Alarm With the onset of warm weather, the Water Authority has seen an uptick in customer reports of cloudy water coming from their taps. [...]

2804, 2021

NEWS–Utility Reaches 20% Renewable Energy Use

5.5-Acre Solar-Covered Parking Lot Helps Water Authority Achieve 20% Renewables Status APRIL 28, 2021--Just in time for Earth Day, the Water Authority announced last week that it has achieved 20 percent reliance [...]

1702, 2021

NOTICE–Attend a Virtual Water Smart Class, Earn a Rebate

ONLINE WORKSHOPS FOR WATER AUTHORITY CUSTOMERS--SIGN UP TODAY! Free Water Smart classes will be available this spring and summer for Water Authority customers wishing to learn our three-step plan for landscape success. [...]

3110, 2020

NEWS – Ask an Expert! Free Email Consultations

Ask an Expert! Free Email Consultations 05/19/2020 3:02 PM The Water Authority is now offering FREE personalized consultations, via email, on topics related to sustainable, desert-friendly landscaping: • Plant identification and recommendations [...]