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Primary Students!

Looking for some fun ways to learn about water?

Look Here!

Secondary Students!

Looking for information about our water resources and other water topics? Look Here!

Click on the diagram to Learn about Albuquerque's drinking water.



Click on the Diagram to Learn More about Albuquerque's Drinking Water.


SWRP Wastewater Tour

Click on the diagram to learn about Albuquerque's wastewater reclamation system.


Click on the diagram to learn about Albuquerque's wastewater reclamation system.

Songs and Videos (Click here to listen to our Water Songs CD)

Sprinkle, Sprinkle, Little Drop

Slow your Flow

It's Dry!

Groundhogs Sing about Ground Water Disclaimer

A Corrido for the Colorado River Disclaimer

El Rio A verse and a chorus of a corrido about the Rio Grande. Can you write more verses to tell more of the story?

Research Links

Water Conservation in Albuquerque

EPA Information about Water and Ground Water (Grades 9 - 12) Disclaimer

USGS Water Science for Schools Disclaimer

What Is a Water Footprint? Disclaimer

Take the Cool School Challenge to Save Energy Disclaimer

School Water Audit Project Disclaimer

Home Water Energy Climate Calculator Disclaimer


Games and Activities

Discover the Water - Project WET Disclaimer

A Trip with Drip (Easy) Disclaimer

Down the Drain You Go Disclaimer

Test your Water Sense Game Disclaimer

AquaVenturers Travel through Wastewater (Sewage Timeline)Disclaimer

Science Fair Ideas

Ideas for Projects and Links to Science Fair Sites


Watch our Water Energy Connection Movie, "The Power Couple."

Click here to see the movie and find more information about how water and electricity are connected.

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