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Elementary Water System Diagram Learn about the Water Cycle Cup Faucets Pipes Pumps Clean Drinking Water Plant Machines that Clean the Water Dam on the Rio Grande People who Built the Dam Rivers and Lakes Snow and Runoff Wells pump groundwater from our aquifer

Take a Trip through our Water System!

On this journey you can learn about our water in three different ways.

• Learn about water while you learn the rhyme "This is the Water that Jack Drank." See the links below to learn the rhyme.
• Look at photographs of the equipment we use to bring you drinking water.
• Do fun activities to learn more about how the whole process works.


To begin your journey

just click on START!

Then click 1, 2, 3, and so on.

In a hurry and don't want to click on the diagram? Choose your learning method here:

See photos of our equipment  
Find fun activities about water  
Learn the rhyme about the Water that Jack Drank (single page view - 8.5 x 11)  
Video of Water that Jack Drank  
Project WET Discover Water Games - Great fun! Disclaimer
• Corrido de Nuestro Rio A song about saving the San Juan River - a tributary to the Colorado River Disclaimer
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