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We Want Everyone to Be a Good Steward of our Water Resources

That's Why We Invest so Much to Provide Free Education to You

Water is a precious and scarce resource here in the desert. We want all of our customers to understand where their drinking water comes from and what we can all do to assure that we maintain a sustainable source of water. Our pamphlet has a list of all of our free water education services. In addition we have informational texts for presentations in grades 3 - 8.

For Elementary Classrooms:(Click here to schedule a presentation, tour or puppet show.)

  • RIO (River Is Ours) Field Trip for fourth grade students. These field trips will focus on social science and science standards and benchmarks as students learn about how New Mexicans have used water in the past, and how we're using water now. For more information call Sharon Sivinski at 289-3027.

For Secondary Classrooms: (Click here to schedule a presentation or wastewater tour.)

For Post Secondary Classrooms:

  • Call Sharon Sivinski at 289-3027 to find out about in-class presentations or to schedule a tour of the Reclamation Plant.

Educational Links

2015_2016 ABCWUA Water Education Pamphlet

Project-Based Learning tied to Water Authority Presentations(Accompanies Grades 6 - 12 ABCWUA Presentations) Check out our Librarian Resources
Information Fourth-Grade RIO Field Trips

Primary Project-Based Learning tied to APS Science Curriculum Maps (Accompanies the Primary Trip through our Water System)

Links to Outside Water Education Sources
Information about ABCWUA Wastewater Education

Secondary Project-Based Learning tied to APS Science Curriculum Maps (Accompanies the Secondary Trip through our Water System)

Download curriculum from ABCWUA


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