JAN. 6 – With portions of Bernalillo County officially experiencing extreme to exceptional drought,
the Water Authority is offering these recommendations to customers in the face of continued dry conditions:

  • Most landscape plants remain dormant for the winter and require no supplemental watering at this time; water trees once this month.
  • Plan now for a dry spring and summer: Update your irrigation system with “smart” irrigation technology and, if you have high-water-use plants in your yard, consider replacing them with desert-friendly xeric alternatives. Rebates are available to Water Authority customers (505Outside.com).
  • Avoid water waste: Winterize exposed pipes and faucets to prevent leaks, and don’t allow water to flow onto streets or sidewalks.

“Following these recommendations will help keep the community on track to meet its conservation goals in spite of the dry weather,” said Carlos Bustos, the Water Authority’s conservation program manager. “We will continue to provide drought updates and watering guidelines as the year progresses.”