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Project-Based Learning for Primary Students' Water Education




Project for Primary Trip through the Water System

Name of Project: This Is the Water that Jack Drank

Big Ideas: Water Cycle, living things depend upon the sun and other living things, survival in different environments, effects of environmental change, how science influences decisions.

Essential Questions: How does science inform us about how to create a sustainable source of water for Albuquerque? What decisions have we made about our water supply based upon scientific understanding of water? What decisions can students make to help us ensure that we will continue to have sufficient water in the future?

Project Idea/Culminating Production: Students start when they take a trip through Albuquerque's Drinking Water System (click on diagram to the left). There are activities associated with each "stop" on the trip which you may choose to do or skip.

Afterwards they perform This Is the Water that Jack Drank, a takeoff on the nursery rhyme This Is the House that Jack Built. The text for the performance is given on the web tour of Albuquerque's Drinking Water System. Students would need to decide how to stage the production and would make props for each of the "stops" in our water system, like wells, pipes, dam, faucet, etc. Audiences in grades K - 3 would enjoy the performance.

Click here to visit the Primary Tour through Albuquerque's Water System.

Click here to download the text of This Is the Water that Jack Drank (coloring book)

Visit our Puppet Show Page to download songs or other ideas for your production!


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