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Project-Based Learning for Secondary Students' Water Education

Project for Secondary Students' Trip through the Water System

Name of Project: Water Conservation Public Service Announcement for the Water Authority Web Site

Big Ideas: Organisms interact with the physical environment; availability of resources limits growth and the amount of life in an area; humans modify and change ecosystems; economic, environmental, and political interests impact resource management; advances in technology enable advances in science; science has produced knowledge that relevant to individual health and prosperity

Essential Question: How can Albuquerque be assured of a sustainable supply of drinking water?

Driving Question: In what ways can Albuquerque residents assure that we use our precious water responsibly?

Project Idea/Culminating Production: Students take a digital tour through Albuquerque's Drinking Water System. Click here to find questions for students to answer as they travel through the Water System.

Afterward students create a 30 - 60 second Public Service Announcement for the Water Authority web site, either as an audio MP3 file or as a video file. Topics that the Water Authority would especially like to see PSA's about are Conserving Water or Eliminating Water Waste. The Water Authority will view or listen to your PSA's and if they are judged to be factually correct and of high quality, we will post them on our Education web site. Send your students best work to Sharon Sivinski at

Click here to visit the Secondary Tour through Albuquerque's Water System.

Click here for a list of questions to accompany the Secondary Tour.

Web sites that might help you teach students how to make PSA's:



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