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Educators - Elementary Activities

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Free Hands-On Classroom Presentations for Elementary Classes

Our educators bring everything, make a mess, teach something, clean up, and leave only smiles. Activities last about 45 minutes. Standards for activities and informational texts cover Common Core, NM Science, Next Gen, and NM Social Studies. To schedule your grade level, click here.

Grade 1 - Water Year 'Round: Students solve the riddle, "Which season am I?" Each clue shows a phase of water that students link to sounds of percussion instruments.

Grade 2 - Water World Game: Students will learn how to save water as they race to the finish line in a board game. As they try to avoid water waster squares and look for super saver squares, they learn how important it is to save water in our desert environment.

Grade 3 - Incredible Journey: Students roll the die and move through the water cycle. Informational Text/Vocab/Questions about plant adaptations Spanish

Grade 4 - Click here to learn about the RIO Field Trip for all APS fourth grades. Schools that are not APS may schedule some fiield trip activities for their classroom or provide their own transportation for a RIO Field Trip.

Grade 5 - Leaky Faucet: Students learn how little fresh drinking water we have on earth. They measure and calculate how much water is wasted in a leaky faucet. Informational Text/Vocab/Questions about fresh water on earth Spanish

Questions? Call Erin Keck at 289-3027 or email at

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