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Drought Movie Poster


We worked hard all summer with Albuquerque summer camps to make an educational movie about the drought and ways we can all save water. Click on the icon or here to see the movie!!


It Will Take Time to Recover from Drought! Let's Save Water!

Drought is a common occurrence in New Mexico. We rely on mountain snow pack in the winter to melt in the spring and fill our rivers and lakes. The rains in September 2013 pulled us out of extreme drought, but our service area is still in moderate to severe drought. Watch our movie to learn more about drought in New Mexico, and what we can all do to help reduce the impacts of drought. It's ALWAYS a good time to conserve water in New Mexico!

Watch our 17-minute educational movie, Save Water - Save Our Rio! The Water Authority made this movie during the summer of 2013, enlisting the help of numerous summer camp students. You'll see student scientists, actors, dancers, poets, and animators. Use our viewers guide in color, or in greyscale.

To see some graphs about drought in NM in the past and the present, you can click here.

To learn more about how long it will take to recover from the drought, download this fun activity: When is the Drought . . . Out?

Contact Sharon Sivinski at if you'd like to get the materials for this activity to use in your classroom or after school activity.

You can listen to ©"Dry Desert Water Wise Blues” by Patty Stephens and Sid Fendley just for the movie. A coloring book with lyrics for the song will available in October!

And you won't want to miss ©"Water Oughta Be Your Favorite Molecule," by Ashley "Saywut?!" Moyer and Nathan Herndon just for the movie.

For more information, contact Erin Keck at 289-3027 or


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