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Wells: "Pumping Groundwater for Albuquerque"

Water:"Make a Water Cycle Model"

Cups:"Calculate Cups of Water Consumers Consume Each Day"

Faucets:"It's the Great Faucet Race!"

Pipes: "Why Do We Need So Many Pipes?"

Water Treatment Plant: "Water Number Match Up"

Machines Clean the Water: "How Do We Clean the Water?"

Adjustable Height Dam: "Demonstrating the Difference in Dams"

People: "Make a Time Line of the San Juan - Chama Project"

Water Storage in Lakes: "Rivers and Lakes Mapping Activity"

Mountain Snow: "Make It Snow!"


Project-Based Learning Idea: These activities will prepare your students to put on a performance of The San Juan - Chama Water that Jack Drank for younger students. Click here for more information.







As students travel through the Water System web site, they can do some or all of these activities.


Use the information in these activities for a project-based learning performance of This is the Water that Jack Drank.

Click here for more information.


Other ways to explore our Water System:

• See photos of our equipment



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