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Sing Along Water Songs - We Are Water Wise!

Sing Along Water Songs

Click here to schedule a puppet show where you and your students will hear these or other fine sing-along water songs!

Sing Along with our Water Songs!

1. Don't Flush That Monster Trash (2:07)

2. Water Travels in a Cycle, Yes It Does! (1:24)

3. Working at the Drinking Water Plant (2:58)

4. Slow your Flow (1:37)
5. Things We Should NOT Flush (2:15)
6. Want to Go on a Water Hunt? (4:50)

7. Water - It's Solid, Liquid, and Gas (3:15)

8. Sprinkle, Sprinkle, Little Drop (4:29)
9. Save 2 (Gallons of Water Each Day) (2:31)
10. Drip-a-drop

11. Water Canon in D

Download our lyrics if you'd like to Sing Along!

Here are more Sing Along Water Songs from the Water Authority!

©"Dry Desert Water Wise Blues” by Patty Stephens and Sid Fendley

©"Water Oughta Be Your Favorite Molecule," by Ashley "Saywut?!" Moyer and Nathan Herndon

Click here to schedule a puppet show where you will hear these or other fine sing along water songs.

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