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Energy Water Nexus Movie, Student Guides and Curriculum

Energy Water Nexus Movie

Click here to see the movie!




The GenR8R explains how to make electricity


The Shocking True Story of Water and Electricity

Students aged 12 to 112 can learn how water and electricity are connected to each other!

Everybody is talking about the Energy Water Nexus, but what is it? This 8-minute educational movie takes a humorous look at the relationship between water and electricity. Intended for students in grades 6 and up, the movie explains some of the connections between water and electricity, and teaches students that if you want to save electricity, you should save water. Likewise, if you want to save water, you should save electricity.

The movie comes with a Student guide and Student Guide Answers to help explain the concept more fully.

The curriculum delves more deeply into the topic. Students discover how water is used to make electricity, and how electricity is used to clean and deliver drinking water (as well as cleaning our wastewater).


For Younger Kids - The Puppet Show Version

Explains the Water and Electricity Connection with a Song

Most people who use electricity do not understand how it is produced. We let our puppets explain by teaching kids a song and a game.

  • Click here for a version of the song you can sing if you aren't doing a puppet show.
  • Click here to see how kids can get involved in learning how water and electricity are connected. This game was played in a puppet show, but you can easily play the game in your classroom without puppets.

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