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STEP 5 - The Pump

Pumps Move Water Uphill, and then It Runs Downhill


All of the water in your home was pumped uphill.

  • Some of your water came from underground. We pumped it up from 600 feet below ground.

  • Some of your water came from the river. We pumped it uphill to a tank.

Water from underground is mixed with cleaned water from the river in giant tanks. When you turn on your faucet or flush your toilet, water runs downhill to your house. It is not pumped. Gravity does all the work.


We pump most of the water into our tanks at night. Electricity is cheaper while Albuquerque is sleeping.




This the pump,

that filled the pipes,

attached to the faucet,

that filled the cup,

that held the water

that Jack drank.





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