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STEP 1 - The Water

Albuquerque Water Cycle




As you travel along this digital tour, you will complete the nursery rhyme below. Let's start with . . .



This is the water

that Jack drank.





Water Cycle Activity


Water in the Desert

We live in a desert. In town we water our grass, plants, and trees, so our town does not look like a desert. We get only 8 inches or so of rain a year. A lot of our rain evaporates. Winds carry the wet air away from us. But some of our rain sinks into the ground. That is called infiltration. We can pump that water up using wells.

Desert plants and desert animals have adaptations, so they use very little water.

  • Cactus store water in their stems.

  • Rabbits stay in the shade all day. They come out in the cool mornings or dusk, when the sun goes down.

People can adapt to living in the desert too. One way is to grow beautiful desert plants in your yard. They need less water.  

If you want to learn more about plant adaptations, click here. For Spanish click here.

If you want to learn more about fresh water on earth, click here. For Spanish click here.

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